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Basile Maestri Orafi is the artisan goldsmith workshop born in 1957 by the founder Comm. Vittorio Basile.
His passion in researching style, creativity and emotions has led him to still have a visceral relationship with his work banquet. During his career, his greatest desire was to transmit his own art to his sons Giuseppe and Fabio, who, with the same passion and the same commitment, have managed the shop over the last twenty years, giving even more importance to the affirmation of the brand in the territory, keeping in the foreground the image of what the goldsmith art can transmit through the jewel.

History is born of tradition, art is born of vocation.
What distinguishes our commitment is inspired both by our history and art

The experience of sixty years it’s our best presentation, the commitment and care we take to forge and realize your ideas have deep roots and always follow a common intent: to ensure reliability, guarantee, quality and seriousness in the management of our work.

From the simple intervention of repair, to the most complex intervention of restoration; from planning and from design with 3D technology , to the sartorial realization of the piece; from embedding and polishing to electroplating; from quality control to packaging. Everything is always done with care and attention.

The use of modern technologies it’s an integral part of the production cycle, and gives added value to our shop, allowing all stages of production to be carried out directly in the company (design, realization by hand, fusion, repairs, modifications, assembly, embedding and finishing).

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